Friday, 10 February 2012

Oriflame Dealers Meet at Andheri West

In the Oriflame Dealers Meet at Andheri West, Mrs Jashmi spoke on how to plan your month to earn 25,000 or more per month. She said, you must have the belief in yourself and you must have a desire to get rich quickly.

The normal time frame for becoming a Manager is 3-6 months and for becoming a Senior Manager it's 8-12 months. (The fact is many new Oriflame Consultants do it in a much shorter time frame)

Join Oriflame or Buy Products - 8879006922

Its up to you to decide which approach is feasible for you to build your team - party plan, circulating catalogues or conducting Oriflame Opportunity meetings.

Your dreams and goals determine how much money you'll earn. You must learn from Senior Managers the proven ways for building your team.

Join Oriflame in our team and break through the ceiling on your income. 

Call me or sms me your full name, address, email and date of birth on 8879006922.

Mrs Richa 
Oriflame Consultant  

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