Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oriflame Joining Offer in India

Hi Everyone,

You can join Oriflame for Rs 299 and get back the joining fees as soon as you place your first order. This is great news for all those who join Oriflame.

To join Oriflame just call me on 8879006922
  • or SMS me your Name, Address, Date of Birth, Mobile & Email id on 8879006922
  • or email me the above information on richashubh.sharma@gmail.com 

While registering you submit Rs 299 and when you place your order you get it back!!!

More orders means more points, means more gifts!!!
  • Circulate catalogue to all the people you know and place more orders with Oriflame. 
  • When you complete Welcome program 1, 2 & 3 with 75, 100 & 125 points you will get gifts worth Rs 4500.

For people who want to make lots of Money:
  • Recruit your friends, relatives, coleagues as Oriflame Consultant in your team and start getting monthly cheques form Oriflame.
  • You get get additional gifts worth 5000 when you share the Oriflame Joining Offer with your friends and make them members under your ID.
  • You can become a Manager when you have a team of approx 30-40 Consultants.

Call me or sms me your full name, address, email and date of birth on 8879006922 

I will guide you how to grow in Oriflame!

Mrs Richa 
Oriflame Consultant  

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